Commemorating the 126th Philippine Independence Day: A Freemason’s Perspective

June 12, 2024



As the Philippines marked its 126th Independence Day on June 12, 2024, the brethren from Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino across the nation gathered to honor this pivotal moment in history. This day, which symbolizes freedom and the birth of the nation, holds profound significance for Freemasons, who uphold the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Unity in Celebration: Activities Across the Archipelago

Freemasons played an active role in the celebrations, participating in various commemorative activities held simultaneously in Luneta, Kawit, Cavite, Albay, and Cebu. These activities were a testament to the unity and dedication of Masons in preserving the values that the forefathers of the Philippines fought for.

Luneta: A Solemn Tribute

In Luneta, the heart of Manila and a historical landmark for Philippine independence, Masons gathered for a solemn tribute. The event commenced with a flower offering at the Rizal Monument, a symbol of the nation’s enduring gratitude to Dr. José Rizal, whose martyrdom sparked the flames of revolution. The brethren, dressed in their Masonic regalia, paid their respects in a ceremony filled with reflection and reverence.

Kawit, Cavite: A Parade of Pride

Kawit, Cavite, the site where the Philippine flag was first unfurled, witnessed a vibrant and proud display of Masonic unity. Master Masons joined the local Independence Day parade, marching with heads held high, alongside fellow citizens. Their participation in the parade was more than just ceremonial; it was a reaffirmation of their commitment to the ideals of freedom and justice. Following the parade, a flower offering was made at the Aguinaldo Shrine, paying homage to General Emilio Aguinaldo and the brave souls who declared the nation’s independence.

Albay: Honoring Heroes Amidst Majestic Views

In Albay, the picturesque backdrop of Mayon Volcano provided a majestic setting for the day’s celebrations. Freemasons convened to offer flowers at the local memorials dedicated to the Bicolano heroes of the revolution. The event highlighted the region’s contribution to the struggle for independence and underscored the enduring spirit of patriotism among its people.

Cebu: Remembering the Legacy of Resistance

In Cebu, known for its rich history of resistance against colonizers, Masons gathered to commemorate the legacy of Cebuano revolutionaries. A flower offering ceremony was held at the Cebu Heritage Monument, where Masons and local leaders reflected on the sacrifices made by their ancestors. The ceremony fostered a deep sense of community and historical consciousness, linking the present generation with their storied past.

A Reflection on Masonic Principles and National Identity

The Freemasons’ participation in the Independence Day celebrations was more than a tribute to history; it was a reaffirmation of the core Masonic values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Independence Day serves as a poignant reminder of the Masonic belief in the inherent rights of individuals and the pursuit of a just and harmonious society. By engaging in these commemorative activities, Freemasons demonstrated their ongoing commitment to these principles and their dedication to fostering a spirit of national pride and unity.

Looking Ahead: Building a Better Future

As the Philippines moves forward, Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino remain steadfast in their mission to contribute positively to society. The 126th Independence Day celebrations not only honored the past but also inspired Masons to continue their work in building a better future. Through charitable initiatives, educational programs, and community engagement, Freemasons strive to uphold the legacy of the nation’s heroes and contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Philippines.

The 126th Independence Day was a day of remembrance, pride, and reflection for Freemasons across the Philippines. By participating in these commemorative activities, we reinforced our commitment to the values of liberty and equality that are central to both the Masonic tradition and the nation’s identity. As we look to the future, the Freemasons will continue to play a vital role in promoting the ideals that the Philippines holds dear.

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