Lenten Message from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Felipe L. Navarro Jr.

March 27, 2024

Manila, Philippines

A Lenten Message from the Most Worshipful Grand Master
Esteemed Brethren and Honored Members of the General Public,
As we embark on the sacred journey of the Lenten season, a time of profound reflection, repentance, and spiritual rejuvenation, I, on behalf of the Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino, extend heartfelt greetings to each of you. This period holds immense significance for us as Masons, individuals devoted to the pursuit of truth, enlightenment, and the bonds of brotherly love.
In the venerable traditions of Masonry, we are reminded of the paramount importance of self-examination, moral rectitude, and the continuous growth of our spiritual selves. Just as Lent beckons the faithful to engage in acts of penance and charity, so too do we, as Masons, endeavor to cultivate virtues such as integrity, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to serving others. The parallel between the timeless principles of Masonry and the observance of Lent underscores the universal values that unite us as members of the human family.
To my esteemed Filipino Masonic brethren, I implore you to seize the sacred season of Lent as a unique opportunity to deepen your allegiance to the sacred tenets or our Craft. Let us meditate on the profound lessons imparted by our ancient rituals and teachings, striving to embody the noble ideas of brotherhood, tolerance, and mutual respect in all our dealings. By aligning our conduct with the lofty principles of Freemasonry, we not only pay homage to our beloved Fraternity but also contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society at large.
To the broader community, I extend a gracious invitation to contemplate the enduring relevance of Masonic values during this Lenten period. The virtues of faith, hope, and charity that lie at the heart of Lenten observances are equally integral to the Masonic way of life. By embracing these virtues and endeavoring to live by them, we can foster a culture of empathy, kindness, and unity that transcends the boundaries of creed, race, or background.
In a world fraught with uncertainty and division, the timeless teachings of Masonry and the spirit of Lent provide us with a guiding light towards harmony and enlightenment. Let us utilize this sacred season to reignite the flame of compassion within our hearts, to extend a helping hand to those in need, and to sow the seeds of peace and goodwill within our communities.
May this Lent be a period of profound spiritual growth, personal discovery, and rejuvenation for each of us. May we emerge from this season with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper connection to our fellow beings, and an unwavering dedication to creating a more compassionate and harmonious world for future generations.
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