131st Anniversary of La Liga Filipina

July 3, 2023

The Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino celebrated a momentous occasion as they marked the 131st founding anniversary of La Liga Filipina. This commemoration held deep significance, bringing together everyone who uphold the principles of enlightenment, unity, and progress that have been integral to La Liga Filipina’s legacy. The event not only celebrated the enduring influence of this historic organization but also emphasized the alignment of its ideals with the core values of Freemasonry.

The anniversary celebration was a testament to the continued relevance of La Liga Filipina’s founding principles. brethren from various lodges joined together in honoring the organization’s commitment to education, brotherhood, and societal betterment. Through its history, La Liga Filipina’s advocacy for social justice and national unity resonates with the very essence of Freemasonry’s objectives.

As the brothers of GLSdAF commemorated the 131st founding anniversary of La Liga Filipina, they highlighted the shared pursuit of enlightenment and progress. This celebration not only acknowledged the past but also underscored the ongoing commitment of Freemasons to the values that both organizations hold dear. The anniversary served as a reminder that the spirit of unity, education, and positive change that La Liga Filipina embodies continues to thrive through the collective efforts of our brothers, contributing to the betterment of the Philippines and its people.

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