162nd Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal

June 19, 2023

Calamba, Laguna, was filled with reverence and unity as the brothers of Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino, led by Gran Maestre Felipe Navarro Jr., together with the brethren from Valle de Laguna and brothers from various lodges came together to celebrate the 162nd birth anniversary of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This significant event showcased the enduring influence of Rizal’s principles and ideals in shaping the nation’s character. The act of offering flowers, the joint parade with esteemed guests, and the participation of government officials all exemplified a collective commitment to upholding the legacy of Rizal and the values he stood for.

The brethren, dressed in their regalia gathered at the Rizal Shrine to pay tribute to the life and contributions of the beloved national hero. With solemnity and respect, they offered flowers at Rizal’s monument, symbolizing their deep appreciation for his unwavering patriotism, intellectual brilliance, and courage to challenge oppression.

The celebration’s highlight was the joint parade that saw the brothers of Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino walking side by side with city officials, regional leaders, dignitaries, and representatives from different government departments. This display of unity emphasized the importance of collective efforts in preserving Rizal’s legacy and upholding his ideals of education, liberty, and social justice.

It was a dynamic fusion of commemoration and celebration. Participants donned traditional attire, adding a touch of historical authenticity to the event. Banners and placards adorned with Rizal’s poignant quotes and images provided a visual reminder of his multifaceted contributions as a writer, polymath, reformist, and national hero.

The commemorative parade showcased the seamless blend of Freemasonry’s values with Rizal’s ideals. As the brethren from Gran Logia Soberana del Archipielago Filipino walked alongside government representatives, they sent a powerful message that collective efforts are essential for the nation’s progress. The parade not only honored Rizal but also emphasized the ongoing journey towards a more just and equitable society.

The 162nd birth anniversary celebration of Jose Rizal in Calamba, Laguna, brought together Freemasons, city officials, regional leaders, and dignitaries in a united tribute to the national hero’s enduring legacy. This event highlighted the continued relevance of Rizal’s values in today’s society and underscored the importance of unity in the pursuit of progress and justice. As the sun set on this commemorative day, the participants carried forward the spirit of unity and commitment to a brighter future inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal.

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